Marija and Andrej Štremfelj: Embrace at the Top of the World

Both Marija and Andrej Štremfelj were introduced to the mountains at an early age and when they discovered alpinism, they put their heart and soul into it. It was alpinism that brought them together and they’ve shared their path for more than forty years. During the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic, they finally decided to fulfil their life-long dream and write a book. It focuses on their ascent of Mt. Everest and they finished it in just three months. Along with Sagarmatha, the book explores the events that lead up to this climb and takes the reader through their thoughts, doubts, desires, and worldview, not just from the top of the world, but also from the path they’ve walked through life. Their talk will focus on all of the above, and maybe you’ll be able to find out whether they already have another book planned.

Festival year
15.FGF, 2021