Terms and conditions

1. The Festival gorniškega filma is organized by the Društvo za gorsko kulturo. The festival aims to promote mountain culture and films about mountains.

2. The films, which are accepted into the competition programme by the selection committee, will be judged by an international jury. They will be publicly screened as part of the 18th Festival gorniškega filma.

3. The festival is open to professional and independent filmmakers. The films must be no more than two years old. They will compete in the following categories:

Mountaineering – films about mountaineering, expeditions, history of mountaineering and mountaineers’ biographies,

Climbing – films about all kinds of climbing (rock climbing, ice climbing, sport climbing, bouldering…),

Mountains, sports and adventure – films about sports and adventures in the mountains (skiing, rafting, canyoning, trekking, base jumping…),

Mountain nature and culture – films about nature and mountains, especially nature protection and conservation, and films about people living in the mountains, with an emphasis on their culture and its preservation.


Main Prize of the City of Domžale: trophy and cash prize of € 1500 for the overall best film of the festival;

Best Mountaineering Film: trophy and cash prize of € 800 for the best film in the Mountaineering category;

Best Climbing Film: trophy and cash prize of € 800 for the best film in the Climbing category;

Best Film about Mountains, Sports and Adventure: trophy and cash prize of € 800 for the best film in the Mountains, sports and adventure category;

Best Film about Mountain Nature and Culture: trophy and cash prize of € 800 for the best film in the Mountain nature and culture category;

Short mountaineering film: cash prize of € 300 for the best short film (shorter than 10 minutes) about the mountains;

Honorary Mention of the Jury: plaquette awarded in all four categories.

Slovenian National Television Award for Best Film: trophy and cash prize of € 800. Films are eligible for the award if their material copyright holders agree that TV Slovenia (Slovenian National Television) obtains the right to broadcast the winning film twice (premiere and second time screening). The award will be selected by a jury of the Slovenian National Television consisting of three members. Films produced by TV Slovenia are not eligible for this award.

The prizes are handed to films’ directors or producers.

Entry details

4. In order to submit a film to the festival, please complete the entry form at the festival’s website (www.gorniski.si) and send a preview copy of the film (BluRay) to the following address:

Društvo za gorsko kulturo
Osp 34, 6275 Črni Kal

Alternatively, the films can also be submitted as a digital download. The preview copies must be in the English language or feature English subtitles.

The Mountain Culture Association reserves the right to archive all the film entries. The films will not be further distributed and their screenings will be strictly non-commercial.


5. The selection committee will review all the entries and select the films which are to be accepted into the competition programme. The authors of the accepted films will be notified of the committee’s decision no later than Tuesday, December 10th 2023. The decision of the committee is final.

Successful entries

6. Screening versions of the films will be accepted in the following formats:

Digital files (preferred) in one of the following formats (resolution 1920 x 1080):

.mov: codec Apple ProRes 422 or Avid DNxHD or H.264 bit rate min. 20 mbits/s
.MXF: Op-1a
.mp4: codec H.264, bit rate min. 20 mbits/s

We’ll accept files on USB flash drives, external disks, BluRay discs. You can also use an FTP server (if you have one) or a file transfer service such as Smash, myairbridge.com, pCloud Transfer, etc. Please don’t use Dropbox as the connection fails most of the time and downloads can’t be completed.

7. The films can be either in the original language or dubbed in English, but they must be without subtitles. Slovenian subtitles will be prepared by the organizer, based on the transcript in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Italian or Czech. The transcript must be submitted by the filmmakers along with the film.

8. The films must conform to typical broadcast quality standards. Only technically flawless films will be included in the festival’s programme.

9. For promotional and subtitling purposes and for the use on the festival’s website, please send the following items to the festival’s e-mail address (info@gorniski.si):

  • short summary of the film (max. 100 words),
  • up to 3 still photographs at 300dpi,
  • trailer (preferably an online link),
  • transcript with time codes.

The organizer will use this material and short clips from the films (up to 2 minutes) solely for promotional purposes.


10. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender. All packages coming from non-EU countries must be labelled “ONLY FOR CULTURAL PURPOSE, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”.

11. The organizer assumes the responsibility to handle the submitted film material (BluRay discs, USB flash drives, external disks, etc.) with great care. Should the material be damaged while in organizer’s possesion, the organizer undertakes to reimburse the authors’ material expenses.

12. Festival gorniškega filma does not charge entry fees. The films selected by the committee will be presented to the public during the festival. Submitters of the films cannot charge any screening fees.

13. For each film which is part of the festival’s programme, one person will be invited to the festival. The organizer will cover their expenses of accommodation (with breakfast) for two days, along with admissions to the film screenings. Travel and other expenses will not be covered by the organizer.

14. After the festival is over, the copies of the films will be returned to the address provided in the entry form (at the organizer’s expenses).