Grand Prix of the City of Domžale

After Antarctica

105 min
Films, Mountains, sports and adventure

A beautiful film about not only an incredible achievement – the first dogsled traverse of Antarctica – but also an amazing human story of explorer Will Steger. The film director used impressive archival footage from the 1990s and combined it with the last journey of the main protagonist. The message is strong: We have to work together as people, regardless of the country we’re from, to save our planet. It’s possible!

Best Mountaineering Film

Dhaulagiri is my Everest

64 min
Films, Mountaineering

Through the story of outstanding Slovak mountaineer Zoltan Demjan, the film answers the question of why we risk our lives to climb high mountains. Despite his incredible achievements, such as climbing the extreme south face of Lhotse Shar without supplemental oxygen in 1984, the climber remained unknown in Western Europe, on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The story is illustrated by Zoltan’s previously unseen film archives.

Best Climbing Film

The Wall – Climb for Gold

93 min
Climbing, Films

An emotional story about four of the best female sport climbers in the world and climbing’s first appearance at the Olympic Games. Through an exciting plot, we learn how Janja Garnbret became an Olympic champion and secured her place in history. The film keeps the viewers in suspense as we cheer for each protagonist and their families.

Best Mountains, Sports and Adventure Film

Link Sar

17 min
Films, Mountaineering

An amazing story about pushing the limits on hard-to-reach peaks. The protagonists reveal their dilemmas, hopes, and joys: life is most intense when death is not far away.

Best Mountain Nature and Culture Film

Snow Leopards and Friends

52 min
Films, Mountain nature and culture

The award is sponsored by Zavarovalnica Vita.

The film reveals the secret life of a snow leopard – an animal extremely hard to film – in one of the most beautiful parts of the world: Tibet. The special thing about this film is that it was filmed by talented filmmakers from a village in the area. The photography is incredible and the film is full of inspiring love.

TV Slovenia Award

Swissway to Heaven

55 min
Climbing, Films

Even though the general public is more familiar with Swiss cheese, chocolate, and watches, Swissway to Heaven takes us to the Pantheon of the hardest multi-pitch routes on the most prestigious walls, where former competition climber Cedric Lachat and his friends try out their vertical instincts amongst hoots of laughter. Swiss made – well made!

Mountaineering Films – Honorable Mention


54 min
Films, Mountaineering

Mountains, Sports and Adventure Films – Honorable Mention

The Value of Time

25 min
Climbing, Films

Climbing Films – Honorable Mention

Fall Theory

43 min
Climbing, Films

Mountain Nature and Culture Films – Honorable Mention

Holy Bread

51 min
Films, Mountain nature and culture