Mountains, Sports and Adventure Films – Honorable Mention

Sea to Summit

30 min
Climbing, Films

Best Mountains, Sports and Adventure Film

The Icefall Doctor

53 min
Films, Mountaineering

A true, sad, and honest story from behind the scenes of Everest climbing. The film showcases and honours the true contribution of the Sherpas and their work, which is crucial for the commercial expeditions on Everest.

Climbing Films – Honorable Mention

Bridge Boys

28 min
Climbing, Films

Best Climbing Film


53 min
Climbing, Films

Authentic insight through compelling storytelling and excellent presentation of mixed climbing in the cradle of extreme winter climbing in Scotland, all of it beautifully shot in extremely difficult conditions.

The partner of the award for the best climbing film is Lumar d.o.o.

Mountaineering Films – Honorable Mention

My Phantom

12 min
Films, Mountaineering

Best Mountaineering Film

Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest

71 min
Films, Mountaineering

A deeply touching story of an extraordinary Nepalese woman who, against all the traditional conventions and beliefs, succeeds in becoming the first female Sherpa at the top of Everest, risking her very life in doing so. She became an inspiration for the whole Nepalese country.

Grand Prix of the City of Domžale

One for the River: The Story of Sava

84 min
Films, Mountains, sports and adventure

Four kayakers rowing from the source of the River Sava to the Slovenia-Croatia border discover natural beauties and expose urgent environmental problems along their river journey. The story is narrated from the point of view of the river itself and is crafted with excellent photography, while the film conveys a very strong message.

TV Slovenia Award

Reinhard Karl: The Art of Climbing a Mountain is an intimate portrait of the transformation of a climber into an alpinist/photographer or perhaps even a photographer/alpinist who starts to perceive his climbs, mountains, struggles, risks, and happiness through the eyes of a philosopher and with the soul of a seeker of the meaning of life, providing a poetic answer to the age-old question about climbing: Is it more than art?

Best Short Film


20 min
Films, Mountaineering

An ironic, thoughtful, funny, and very human portrayal of various situations one can encounter while climbing mountains, full of love and attention to detail.

Mountain Nature and Culture Films – Honorable Mention

The Legend of Goldhorn

13 min
Films, Mountain nature and culture

Best Mountain Nature and Culture Film

A White Dream

52 min
Films, Mountain nature and culture

Incredible effort to fulfil one’s artistic inspiration in the most extreme conditions. This beautiful film is an ode to the love of wildlife and the art of photography.