Jera Musič: The Appalachian Trail

Jera Musič was only nineteen when she became the first female Slovenian to hike the 3,500-km long Appalachian Trail across fourteen U.S. states starting in Georgia and finishing in Maine. The inspiration for the feat came at the Camino de Santiago in 2017, and volunteering at last year’s edition of the Festival gorniškega filma provided the little drive she’d needed. She’ll recount those 146 days of tears, laughter, blisters, rain, and sun and share some practical and philosophical insights into the trail and the way of life it entails. She’ll tell the story of how she went from failing gym class to doing such a long and strenuous hike, where you can’t rely on anything else but your legs and the contents of your backpack.

Spremljevalni program
Festival year
14.FGF, 2020