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Confessions of a Runner

Film: Izpovedi tekača / Confessions of a Runner, Lebanon, 2020, 29′
Mojca Volkar Trobevšek: Panel discussion: Mountain running in Slovenia

In the past decades, Triglav has been attracting more and more mountain runners. Some try to get to its summit as quickly as possible all the way from the bottom, which means covering almost 2000 vertical meters, some climb it as part of the Slovenian Mountain Trail, while others do it as part of an effort to climb the tallest summits of the three major Slovenian mountain ranges. Is mountain running merely a hunt for records or is it a special adventure that expands people’s horizons? 

This is just one of the topics which will be addressed by our guests:  Timotej Bečan (Triglav “foot to summit” record holder), Katja Kegl Vencelj and Marjan Zupančič (Slovenian Mountain Trail record holders), Franci Teraž (veteran Triglav runner), and  Tadej Trobevšek (alpinist who climbed Triglav all the way from Kamniška Bistrica). The discussion will be moderated by Mojca Volkar Trobevšek and young mountain runners from DGK Papež will also join the debate.

Accompanying program, Panel discussion
Festival year
15.FGF, 2021


Mojca Volkar Trobevšek