Tomaž Jakofčič: Milestones

A passion for mountains and alpinism has been part of Tomaž Jakofčič’s life as long as he can remember. His enduring love for dry rock has been intertwined with Himalayan giants, steep ice and mixed routes, and ski touring. Until his age allowed him enough elasticity, he combined the world’s highest peaks with hard rock climbing, summiting Everest and Aconcagua, opening a difficult route on the north face of Triglav, climbing an 8b sport route, and having his first daughter all in a single year. He’ll talk about the milestones that have defined his philosophy and way of life and shed light on his most meaningful routes and expeditions, including the north face of Gyachung Kang (7952 m) twenty years ago.

Spremljevalni program
Festival year
14.FGF, 2020