Nejc Marčič: A Big School

Nejc Marčič. a world-class alpinist, will share some stories about his climbs, which often included bad weather and difficult conditions. Despite such difficulties, he climbed a new route called Sanjači zlatih jam (Dreamers of golden caves) up K7 West with Luka Stražar on his very first Himalayan expedition, a feat which won them a Piolet d’Or. He’s not one to be easily discouraged by bad conditions. When you encounter them for the first time, you don’t know what to expect, he admits. But you quickly realise that the human will is stronger than you might have thought and it can’t be easily broken. You usually come to such realizations after the hardship is over and these experiences make you much stronger. This doesn’t mean, though, that you’re willing to risk more, but it makes you more relaxed.

Accompanying program, Lectures
Festival year
17.FGF, 2023


Tuesday, 14. 2. 2023

Cankarjev dom, Kosovelova dvorana, Ljubljana
Accompanying program, Lectures