Mauro Corona, A Man of Wood and Rock

Film: Last Confessions / Confessioni ultime, Giorgo Fornoni, Italy, 2013, 45′
Jernej Šček: Presentation of Mauro Corona’s book Come sasso nella corrente

Writer, sculptor, and alpinist Mauro Corona’s life in the shadow of the Vajont tragedy is the same as his writing: wild and authentic, flowing and dynamic like the rushing river of life, chaotically inconsistent but purposeful, straightforward but never banal, always primal and natural. Hidden behind his appearance of a friendly savage in a torn t-shirt and pirate bandana is an alert and erudite humanist, a true “life teacher”, a kind of Rousseau for the masses who rebels against the delusions of the modern world – the lack of individual thinking, the hoarding of wealth, the constant rush –, focusing instead on what is essential to each individual, the culture of self-sufficient living, the physical effort, the dignity of solitude. A true mountain culture manifest.

To mark the translation of his book into Slovene, Jernej Šček (philosopher and translator) and Ines Božič Skok (editor at Sidarta, the publisher of the Slovene translation, and an experienced alpinist) will share some of their thoughts on the issues mentioned above.

Festival year
15.FGF, 2021