Gašper Pintar: Those Student Years

For the 20th anniversary of my climbing, it’s time for a brief retrospective. My student years have come to an end; they’ve provided a perfect scenario of prolonged puberty without any responsibilities, allowing me to focus solely on climbing. I was raised to be a sport climber but gradually deviated from this path. I started climbing all over the world and got to know the various disciplines within climbing, all of which I approached with a driving ambition. Climbing became my lifestyle, even though I don’t live in a van and managed to finish my studies. For my talk, I will focus on some of my favorite climbs: free ascent of El Cap, magical 9a, extreme choss of Slovenian mountains. I’ll recount stories of the best adventures from my climbing trips, as there’ve been quite a few. But, most of all, I’ll try to provide some insight into my motivation and the dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

Festival year
15.FGF, 2021