David Debeljak: Fat thighs, ringlocks and starlit skies

Climbing is the most important thing in life, but also so utterly insignificant. David Debeljak got his first taste of alpinism at fifteen years of age and soon started exploring the walls of the Slovenian mountains, both in summer and winter. Just before his first expedition, he took a tumble in Bergantova Route on the north face of Triglav and broke his neck, just to come back a year later to free the route. Flying across the pond on a dirtbag trip focused on American cracks introduced phrases like finger jams and ringlocks to his vocabulary. Next up were expeditions to Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan and the birth of the Pintar-Debeljak team, which resulted in freeing El Capitan, climbing miles of Kyrgyzstan granite, and new routes on Slovenian choss. His philosophy? Sitting on a portaledge in the middle of a wall, looking at a starlit sky with your friends, and doing nothing. Useless. But so supremely important.

Spremljevalni program
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14.FGF, 2020