Andrej Štremfelj: Mt. Everest Forty Years Ago
Category: Lectures

On May 13th, 1979 Andrej Štremfelj and Nejc Zaplotnik made history by becoming the first Slovenians to stand atop the world’s highest mountain. Two days later, the expedition consisting of twenty-five members led by Tone Škarja put three more climbers on the summit: Stane Belak – Šrauf, Stipe Božić from Croatia and Ang Phu from Nepal. Along with the climbers, the team also had twenty-five high-attitude porters and a staggering twenty tons of equipment. Leading experts on Himalayan climbing agree that the Slovenian route on Mt. Everest is still the most difficult of all the eleven routes on that mountain and it hasn’t seen a repeat to this day. Other members of the legendary expedition will join Andrej on the stage.