Janez Volkar: Noshaq Forty Years Ago
Country: Slovenia
Director: Janez Volkar
Category: Lectures

Forty years ago, six Slovenian and seven Polish climbers traveled to a turbulent Afghanistan. The first combined expedition of Polish and Yugoslav climbers had set their sights on Noshaq, 7,492m. The problems of Polish organizers and unexpectedly high prices of transportation and porters made any acclimatization impossible. But once we started up the mountain, there was no stopping us. All of us reached the summit and we quickly returned to the valley to prepare for the month-long, grueling ride home on the backs of trucks, buses, and trains. After eighty-nine days we were reunited with our friends and family, satisfied with our ascent and full of new experiences. Some of the expedition members went on to even higher summits, while others felt that they’ve had enough.

SPM Mojstrana, Friday, 24. 2., at 18:00