Jernej Šček: Beyond the Myth – Emilio Comici
Country: Italy
Category: Lectures

People of Trieste have always sailed in the Alps and climbed in the Adriatic Sea. We combine bays and valleys, islands and peaks, fishing taverns and mountain huts. Trieste is a seaside city with an authentic mountaineering tradition, which has been written by the giants of classical and modern alpinism. In the city of countless stories, violent resistance, and silent connections, the shackles of objectivity have always been too tight for the truth.
Emilio Comici is a legend of alpinism and many have held on to him like a handhold. Examining touching video footage and rare photos and exploring the man’s actions and words, foregoing interpretations of biographers, we’ll go beyond the myth to find an instinctive athlete, visionary, teacher of the art of climbing, direttissima master, gentle dancer in the vertical realm, and obedient idol of the regime. Daimon Comici between love and hate.

Cankarjev dom, Kosovel hall, Tuesday, 21. 2., at 18:00