To the Origin of Skiing
Year: 2016
Country: Switzerland
Duration: 53 min
Director: Fulvio Mariani, Mario Casella
Category: Movies, Mountain nature and culture

Not so long ago people found petroglyphs dating back to ten thousand years ago in the Altay Mountains at the border between Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. The images are extraordinary, and they depict hunters wearing skis. Thousands and thousands of years ago…

Shown with:
Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon, 3′
The Block, 9′
E.B.C. 5300m, 15′

SPM Mojstrana, Tuesday, 21. 2., at 18:00
Cankarjev dom, Linhart hall, Wednesday, 22. 2., at 20:00
Kino Metropol Celje, Wednesday, 22. 2., at 18:00
KD Nova Gorica, Thursday, 23. 2., at 18:00